If Jesus was the Messiah, why there is no peace on earth?

Peace on Earth

The Messiah was supposed to bring peace and since Jesus came there is war and suffering in the world… Our rabbis tell us that when Messiah comes, he will establish peace on earth. When the real Savior comes, he will even bring change to the physical world.

A Savior who changes the physical world without first changing us is really no savior at all. And a Messiah who establishes peace on earth without first establishing peace in our hearts is really no Messiah at all. The Messiah had to die. The Messiah had to take our place. There was no other way. No other substitute was found. No one else could pay the price. Nothing else could heal our wounds, for sin requires death.

The Bible clearly speak about two comings of the Messiah: One – as a Suffering Messiah (fulfilled in Yeshua) and one as the Prince of Peace (yet to come…) (See Isaiah 52-53).

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We live in fallen world… but there is hope in Yeshua who came to first and foremost, restore our hearts to a real relationship with God.

Biblically speaking, pain and suffering are the results of sin in the world. Adam, who represented all humanity as well as creation, rebelled against God and brought suffering into the world. This sin is more than simple rebellion and breaking of God’s law. It is an offense against a holy God. Sin is permeating throughout all of God’s creation bringing imbalance, famine, earthquakes, disease, etc. This is not how God created things but it is God who is allowing them to continue for his divine plan. Ultimately, we can’t know all the reasons why God allows suffering, we just know that He does.

There is war and suffering throughout the world but there are also miracles and healing and lots of love throughout the world – What do you chose to focus on? The works of satan or the works of God?

Yeshua paid the price. It was his death that brought us life. He alone was the Substitute for a sinful human race, and he alone can offer us redemption.” Michael L. Brown (Read this full article here: http://realmessiah.askdrbrown.org/read/jesus-yeshua-who-he)

Here is another passionate Israeli Believer speaking on this subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtUl16766Fo