Hebrew Pronunciation Instructions

Below are some instructions and rules to help you learn Hebrew in general, but more specifically to help you understand my method of transliteration used in my Hebrew Posters. For more specific and complete instructions, purchase my Hebrew Pronunciation Chart.

  • Hebrew is read from RIGHT-to-LEFT (English text is left-to-right, word-by-word, starting at the RIGHT).
  • Base Sound is the sound of the letter on its own with no vowels (‘z’ = “zzz”).
  • Syllable is the combination of one or two letters and a vowel. Syllables are separated with a forward slash “/”.
  • Accents are CAPITALIZED.
  • A letter following a dash (like “…-s” or “…-v”) produces its BASE sound and added to the preceding letters for the complete sound: “see-d” is like “seed”, “beh-d” is like “bed”, “na-y” is like “nai” and so on.
  • kh” stands for the guttural sound like when clearing out your throat.
  • וּ in the beginning of a word is “oo” as in “cool”.
  • י (yod) is like a “y” as in “yellow”, or an “i” as in “tide” or “ee” as in “bee”.
  • י (yod) without a vowel becomes a part of the vowel before it: בֵּי sounds like ‘bay’, אִי like ‘ee’, מָי like ‘my’.
  • Vowels are pronounced after the letter they go with except for when a word ends with הַ, חַ or עַ. In those cases, the vowel is pronounced before the letter and produces the syllables “ha” for הַ, “ah-kh” for חַ and “ah” for עַ.

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  1. I want a laminated pronunciation chart, but I don’t know what “ECO” means?

    1. The ECO version is printed on a slightly thinner card stock paper in parchment style, but has no background image. The contact is the same as the V.1 version. You can see all the specs in the “Additional Info” tab on the product page.

  2. Dear Sir.,
    I have a question. How is the order will reach me in Indonesia?

    1. Shalom, I’m sorry, but I do not ship to Indonesia at this point. However, I am working on making more posters available for download in the near future.

      God bless!

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