I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua!

I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua

Watch my personal story and testimony of how I came to believe in Yeshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah…

Recorded in September, 2014 (05:53 min.)

Life under a guru DIDN'T bring me peace. YESHUA did.

Recorded in August, 2008 (09:55 min.)

I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua - Jesus!

My name is Ayelet which is Hebrew for the “Doe of the Dawn” (Psalm 22:1). I am Jewish, was born and raised in Israel and like the majority of people in Israel, my family was not religious.

Since I was a kid I had a sense of what I used to call “the Inner voice”. I believed that was God’s attempts to communicate with me. I used this “inner guide” often in my life but many times I completely ignored it. It did not provide a way for me to communicate with God. Although I always believed in the existence of God, praying was something for the Jewish orthodox not for me. I never really prayed and never really knew how to communicate with God.

Growing up in Israel, Jesus is not someone people are encouraged to learn about…to the contrary! It is considered a sin or betrayal in the Jewish people to have anything to do with Jesus. Jewish people who do choose to follow Jesus are considered like Gentiles in the eyes of the orthodox Jews. Honestly, growing up, I didn’t even know that there are Jewish people who believe in Jesus.

When I was 23, I left Israel for the first time and came to America. All of a sudden I was in a new country, new culture, new everything but for some bizarre reason, from the moment I set my feet here in America, I felt very much at home.

I had come to a small spiritual community based on the teachings of Yoga in which I lived for about 12 years but still, I was not able to connect on a spiritual level and after all, it was a spiritual community. Something was missing for me and became even more evident to me there.

My husband and I were married in a Jewish Ceremony in 2000. Soon after that we had a beautiful son & daughter. I was a stay at home mom in a little house in the woods. Many times, the only adult I would see during the day was my husband. I wasn’t happy. I lived in a SPIRITUAL community and was not able to connect spiritually, it just didn’t do it for me – Something was still missing and I didn’t know how to find it!

To tell a long story short, our life directed us to move to the city. All of a sudden it seemed there is a church around every corner, crosses everywhere and it is just screaming “Jesus” all around. It wasn’t for me….(well, that’s what I thought…) after all I was Jewish and was taught that Jesus is for the Gentiles only. I felt a big need to get re-connected to my Jewish origins and my heritage especially now that my son was starting to understand more. I wanted him to be able to learn about his heritage as well.

So, like a good Jewish girl I started to attend the synagogue. I thought it will fill that spiritual hole in me. I thought I will be able to get connected with God through the synagogue. But as much as it was all familiar, it still did not do it for me. I was thirsty for a spiritual connection, I was thirsty for God and nothing seemed to fulfill that thirst!

I started to notice the churches everywhere more and more and I found myself wondering how come SO many people around me and all over the world believe in Jesus? Could they all be wrong?

I had a big urge to investigate into it, to know what is the story of Jesus and why Christianity is the biggest religion in the world? I started to search the internet, read, watch movies and documentaries. The more I found out, the more amazed I was at how much sense it all made!

One big point that was made clear to me early in my “quest” was that Jesus was born in Israel, his Hebrew name was Y’eshua, he was Jewish in all ways, he celebrated the Jewish holidays, kept kosher and kept the Sabbath as the holy day. All of his disciples were 100% Jewish – so what happened??? Why did the Jewish bible stop where it stopped? I did not believe that God lost interest in us at the end of the Old Testament. I had to find out for myself!

I went and bought a copy of the New Testament – a book that is considered a curse to have in an orthodox Jewish home! I started reading and loved every moment of it! I have literally become obsessed in my “quest”. My focus, for the most part, was in comparing Judaism and Christianity with a great deal of apologetic material. I spent many hours talking to Christians, a rabbi as well as Messianic Jews about it all and the more I found out, the more amazed I was. I couldn’t believe it! My views of the world, life and people started to change. Things I thought I once believed where replaced with the word of God. From the beginning of my “quest” it became very clear to me and I felt very strong that the bible IS the word of God. I have no doubt in that today!

In the course of a few months I have grown closer and closer to God. God has opened my eyes and my heart to know for the first time in my life His full story. I believe in all my heart that God was with me since day one, he led me to America, to the spiritual community and to where I am today for me to re-connect with Him. I believe it would have been so much harder to make this happen if I was still living in Israel.

But still, although everything made total sense, I was not quite ready to let go and surrender.

On April 2008 a friend introduced me to her church. I met with the Pastor ready to ask him a lot more questions and he made two recommendations for me: first, he said it is OK to have questions, and second, that I will always have more questions, but sometimes it’s good to leave some room for faith. He also encouraged me to read the Gospel of John which I had not read at that time.

I took his advice seriously… went home and started to read the Gospel of John. I also decided to let go of some of those questions… at least for now, and just try to let go…think less…and feel more of what is happening IN me.

I finished reading John and all of a sudden it was all clear to me! I believed! I believed it all! I went down on my knees and asked Jesus into my life! I even did it a few times…in Hebrew, in English, in Hebrew again…just to make sure… There wasn’t any thunder and lightning and nothing changed on the outside but my heart has changed from that moment on in a way that I have never felt before! NOTHING was missing anymore! I re-connected with God and I had no doubt about it!

My family in Israel, naturally having a hard time with the whole idea. I’ve been praying to God to help me and them through it, and to give me the strength and support I need in the process. I have no doubt He is with me, helping me and guiding me through it all. I am finding that life challenges are so much easier to go through with God on my side then without! I have discovered the power of prayer! It is UNBELIEVABLE – Highly recommended!

I have a new identity now – I am Jewish and I believe in Jesus. I did not convert to another religion but by believing in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah I am now a “Completed Jew”. This is a very important point to understand especially for my immediate family and friends in Israel.

This has been, and is still, an amazing journey for me. Up until a few months before I came to faith I would have never thought that I will ever believe in Jesus! And here I am! Getting Baptized, is the most natural next step for me in this journey and in my new life with Y’eshua, with Jesus.

I am thankful for all the beautiful people that I have met in my “quest”. For all the new friends that came my way and for all the prayers and support I received from everyone.

My “quest” is far from being over…in many ways it is just beginning… I am looking forward to every moment of it and to find out what God has in store for me.

And most of all I thank God for showing me the way, the one and only truth, for loving me as much… and for Y’eshua!


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I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua!

      1. shalom Mrs.Ayelet,
        thanx for shared your story online! yuor story matched mine.
        I would like to asks you a question.
        how long have you been believing Yeshua?
        I really impress what you says.
        can you tell me where can I buy a jewish Torah with in english and hebrew? i love to have one so i can understand in hebrew.

        thans so much can wait to hear from you!


      2. Shalom Tobias and Praise God for bringing you to Him (-: I am really glad to know that our stories match and would love to hear yours sometime (-:

        I have been a believer since May 1st, 2008… so over 5 years now…

        For an interlinear Hebrew-English Bible, I would recommend this one (this is the older edition, but you can look “inside” the book through this link):

        ESV Hebrew-English Old Testament: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) and English Standard Version (ESV) (Cloth over Board)

        Here is the link to the latest edition (coming out on 11/15):
        Hebrew-English Interlinear ESV Old Testament: Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS) and English Standard Version (ESV)

        This is only for the Tanach (“Old” Testament)

        For the New Testament, there is a beautiful NEW messianic translation (English only) that just came out. You can get it here:
        Tree of Life Bible: The New Covenant

        Hope this helps… How long have you been a believer? Where are you from?

        If you have any questions I might be able to help with or direct you to, please let me know!

        Blessings in Yeshua,

    1. Hellaluijha shalom I am Pastor Imran Razaq I am very happy to learn shama prayer and Lord prayer and Psalm 23very nice action style I read All your story Yeshua Use you more and more Amen

  • Awesome! I love to your story. Such an amazing testimony! I am an African American or black Christan or I guess I can say I am of the way. I have received some slack and critisim for being a black Christian. Christ is for every race, nationality, denomination.
    I am not to familiar with the Jewish culture, however I attend a Calvary Chapel church and they are a Zionist church. My family and I have been attending there for about two years now and about two days ago we just attended our first Sedar. Amazing. So eye opening. Of course I did not understand all the symbolism in the meal, but that will come the more I dig and the deeper I go in the Word.
    I really do not see how so many Jews do not see Jesus all in the meal. The symbolism is so evident at least to us BC we are Christian. They say hindsight is 20:20! And reading your story has shed some light on how Jews do not see JC in the meal….they are not exposed to Him and do not seek Him have not known of him. But I will be asking you questions if any come up. Please give me through explanation. Lol lol lol. Thanks for the site. And you never said anything about your husband and children if they have new life in Christ?

  • Shalom Mrs. Ayelet You have a beautiful story. And it is so wonderful to know that you have come to believe in Yeshua – Jesus. Since you do a lot of study and research I was wondering if you ever read the book Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist – Unlocking the secrets of the last supper by Brant Pitre. It is a wonderful book. Thank you for your website and I am learning the Our Father in Hebrew that you have on U Tube. May God Bless you and your family.

  • I have been a Christian since I was a kid. I don’t remember how old I was exactly. I just wanted to say how inspiring your testimony was. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I can only imagine how heaven rejoices when someone finds their way to Jesus.

    God Bless.
    Shana Romero

  • Shalom,

    My story is kind of the opposite of yours but I do believe in Yeshua historically, his teachings and HIS message as a way to salvation. I was raised Christian, but I am more in line with Judaism after 50 years of questioning and study. I had to separate myself from religious people and read the texts for myself as they are. I most certainly do not believe in the teachings of him being declared guilty, while the guilty are declared innocent. Instead, he is important because of him – we are brought to shame more than any other and this brings repentance to being like him. Eze 18 is very clear (a man must work righteousness) James is clear (faith without works is dead) and so was Yeshua (Why do you call me Lord and not do what I say?) An ignorant person would easily confuse Paul’s teachings as Peter says. Without the teachings of the Moses and the prophets, there is no comprehension of Paul’s words.

    A person must turn from doing wrong to doing right. Moses said his (Yeshua) teachings would be required. Yeshua said flesh and blood profits nothing, that his words were spirit and life. Blood sacrifice is barbaric. It brings shame, not salvation. It was man that asked for his blood, not G-d. that is why he rose. Man put him in the grave. G-d declared otherwise.

    He said his father is greater – so how was he the manfestation of G-d in the flesh? “I do nothing of myself, but as I hear – I do” In John 17, he prayed for us to be one with the father as he is one with him. Paul says concerning G-d and Yeshua, that concerns all things being under his (Yeshua) feet – that it is clear that G-d is excepted and that the son himself will also fall under submission after death is defeated. Christianity denies “I am Yehovah, besides me there is no other savior” – “There is no other G-d but me”. All statements have to be measured and reconciled, not ignored if they seem to difficult. This takes years.

    So how do we become like Yeshua?
    The answer in John 17 is denial of self to do the will of G-d, say what G-d wants us to say (This means we must know the scriptures as he did) and not repeat religious doctrine created by men. This takes much practice and time to turn from self in works and speech, to become like him. That is the goal and the meaning of “let us make man in our image” . Genises 1 is the design and prophetic “to become” – that is why Genises 2 is different even though his work was complete. The design is perfect.

    And when he says “in our image) most certainly not as G-d is in authority (it is clear from the text he was speaking of other heavenly beings such as angels), but in likeness in his righteousness, not as the image that some make G-d out to be as a corrupt image of man to change ones mind, to lie, to require innocent blood or work unrighteousness – yes, evil came about because G-d created and the texts sometimes attribute evil to G-d. Blood sacrifices is a requirement of man and men who have had their meat packaged nicely for them may not understand the horror and guilt of snuffing out a life to eat. “your hands are full of blood. Wash yourselves; make yourselves clean; remove the evil of your deeds from before my eyes; cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice,”

    I do not share a common religious faith with anyone around me
    Not even my own family. Often I feel like Elijah that there is no one else, but I also know there is because there has always been My faith is based on the text and G-d’s help. I am O.K. Inside living day to day with those facts.

  • Shalom, Mrs. Ayelet! I’ve just seen this post recently because I want to learn Hebrew so I can read the Bible in Hebrew.. 🙂 But what I’ve read is more than just learning, I’ve also witnessed a testimony! Praise be to Jesus! God bless you and your family! 🙂

  • This is awesome! I am not of Jewish faith. I recently attended a presentation given by a group of people who visited Israel. I am now interested in all things ISRAELI! I didn’t know that the Lord’s Prayer existed in Hebrew! You are truly a blessing Ayelet! Shalom!

  • Your story is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I will be purchasing one of your posters at some point. Thank you for your Lord’s Prayer post in Hebrew on YouTube. God Bless you!

  • I found your video on YouTube, teaching the priestly blessing in Hebrew and wow, what t followed is sheer blessing! Your testimony is wonderful, I watched both of your videos, in tears, because of the Glorious Presence of Jesus on you!

    I also watched ‘The Messiah’, so wonderful and educational!

    Your website is beautiful, however I couldn’t place the order as I’m from the UK and the country drop down tab only has US.

    Yeshua bless you sister! X

  • I love your testimony! It is just so Beautiful!! I had to share it on my facebook page. I found you on you tube. I wanted to learn The Lords Prayer in Hebrew. So, I am working on it. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • I have seen some of your YouTube videos – and I was wondering if you would take time and pray for me and my 3 children.

    It would mean alot for me.

    I believe in prayer from other people can help

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