If Jesus was the Messiah, why there is no peace on earth?

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

The Messiah was supposed to bring peace and since Jesus came there is war and suffering in the world… Our rabbis tell us that when Messiah comes, he will establish peace on earth. When the real Savior comes, he will even bring change to the physical world.

A Savior who changes the physical world without first changing us is really no savior at all. And a Messiah who establishes peace on earth without first establishing peace in our hearts is really no Messiah at all. The Messiah had to die. The Messiah had to take our place. There was no other way. No other substitute was found. No one else could pay the price. Nothing else could heal our wounds, for sin requires death.

The Bible clearly speak about two comings of the Messiah: One – as a Suffering Messiah (fulfilled in Yeshua) and one as the Prince of Peace (yet to come…) (See Isaiah 52-53).

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We live in fallen world… but there is hope in Yeshua who came to first and foremost, restore our hearts to a real relationship with God.

Biblically speaking, pain and suffering are the results of sin in the world. Adam, who represented all humanity as well as creation, rebelled against God and brought suffering into the world. This sin is more than simple rebellion and breaking of God’s law. It is an offense against a holy God. Sin is permeating throughout all of God’s creation bringing imbalance, famine, earthquakes, disease, etc. This is not how God created things but it is God who is allowing them to continue for his divine plan. Ultimately, we can’t know all the reasons why God allows suffering, we just know that He does.

There is war and suffering throughout the world but there are also miracles and healing and lots of love throughout the world – What do you chose to focus on? The works of satan or the works of God?

Yeshua paid the price. It was his death that brought us life. He alone was the Substitute for a sinful human race, and he alone can offer us redemption.” Michael L. Brown (Read this full article here:

Here is another passionate Israeli Believer speaking on this subject:

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If Jesus was the Messiah, why there is no peace on earth?

  • I believe it is good to learn how to ask the right questions. Not all questions are the right kind. “IF Jesus was the Messiah,…” begins with an element of doubt or skepticism (emphasis on ‘if’). There is an obligation to learn who this person, Jesus of Nazareth is, before the next part of the question can be examined.
    1. If Jesus was the long awaited Messiah, sent by God – not just to the people of Israel, but the world – then the second portion of the question stands on its own, without the dependent clause, “If Jesus was the Messiah,…”
    2. Jesus the Messiah DID bring peace. It came, though, not in the form that people demanded, i.e., political and religious freedom from Rome’s domination.
    3. The form of peace that Jesus the Messiah brought was another Kingdom – invisible to the naked eye.
    4. It is helpful to understand ‘normality’ the way Jesus expressed it: on the basis of what one has ‘lost’, and the reality of what one ‘gains’ by believing in Him. Jesus’ words to Nicodemus, recorded in John’s Gospel, chapter 3, verse 7 (3:7), remain helpful in this regard.
    5. In light of this normality, Genesis 3:7, therefore, speaks to a loss of the Life of God (breath of God) from the human spirit.
    6. If normality is defined on the basis of how Jesus described it – and He Himself claimed to be speaking the words of the Father – then we can have confidence in Him, regardless of a lack of peace due to human and non-human evil.
    7. Inner peace for the believer in Jesus as Messiah is a ‘sign’ of being secure in His Love. A lack of peace presents a different perspective/expectation to individuals/groups on what Jesus’ mission was while upon the earth.

  • I have believed in Jesus since I was a little girl, but my faith was not guided in a human sense and this can also some times fail us. I have grown up with a need to know more about Jesus and a want to learn about the origin of my faith and belief. I believe that Yeshua, when he walked the earth among us was a Jew for a reason and I believe that when a person loves someone, that person wants to learn as much as they can about that person that they love. It is a natural process. I have come to understand that that is why I want to learn as much as possible about Yeshua. Because I love him. I want to know as much about the Jewish life of Yeshua, as I want to know about the spiritual life of Yeshua. There will always be stuff which we do not know about on the spiritual side because we are not God, but he will teach us what he thinks we need to know. I went through a hard experience when I was younger and the emotions came back later on and hit me hard. Yeshua did what it says in the Bible, for me. Those who mourn shall be comforted. He picked me up, cleaned me down, from the inside out and has given me purpose. He has also given me amazing spiritual gifts. Most importantly, he forgave me and called me his child. I would never believe the vicars when they told me Jesus would forgive me. To me, they were only human like me…how could they forgive me? About eighteen years later, I audibly heard his voice. The Lord told me that he forgave me and called me his child. He said, “Get up, my child, your sins are forgiven.” AWESOME!! Truly awesome!!
    Please, to everyone, especially the Jewish people, don’t live in darkness anymore. The Jewish people are very blessed to be living the Jewish life, to know the Jewish part of Yeshua’s life. It’s something that they don’t have to study from a book or the internet. But being Jewish is only half of it. You must open your heart to Yeshua. What he spoke about was common sense and if you think about it what he taught would promote the world peace that you were expecting. To Love God with your whole heart and mind and soul and to love others as yourself, if everyone on earth did that…would that not bring world peace?? If someone is to spread margarine on bread, does it matter if they use a knife as the conventional way or a spoon? A little unorthodox but it still gets the job done, right. God has his will and his way. Would he be God if he did things our way? We are merely people…who are we to tell him how to bring about world peace? Is his way, not good enough? Yeshua is God. God born to man. The son of God. And with him, I am well pleased. I am not ashamed to confess that Yeshua is my Lord and saviour. You know when you are trying to teach your child to ride a bike and they just don’t get the hang of it, so you might jump on the bike to quickly show them how it’s done? That’s what God did for us, he came to earth and rode the bike for us, but we pushed him off because we didn’t like him riding it better than us and showing us different to the way in which we believed it should be ridden. Believing in Yeshua is not idolatry. God is God. But Yeshua is God in human form. One in the same. He uses my hands to paint. I have never been to university to learn painting but I am painting amazing pictures because of a gift from God. There are many who cannot read in our day and age and who misses out on the word of Yeshua, and with the word in image form, these people no longer miss out. Please Google Gilbertlouise if you want to see my pictures. I think all people should learn the word in Hebrew. As it was meant. Thank you for your time and attention. God bless and Shalom.

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