Is truth absolute or relative?

Elephant Story
Is truth absolute or relative? The Elephant story

“I like the story of the blind people, each standing at a different part of an elephant, describing the elephant by the part of the elephant they touch. One describes the trunk, one the ear, one the leg. Each is a different and seemingly contradictory description of “elephant”, yet together the descriptions begin to approach the truth. God is immense and All-Knowing, and yes, God’s Truth is absolute, but we limited humans grasp it in bits and pieces. Sometimes those bits and pieces look very different from each other.”

Yes, only God is all knowing, able to see the full picture of what was, is and yet to come. He is able to see the full “elephant” and He knew it was an elephant all along! Therefore, I don’t think that for Him there is a “relative truth” – I think that for God, truth can only be absolute and that is the truth that I want to know – God’s truth. Since God is always true, always knowing, always loving, consistent and reliable – Unchanging – it makes no sense that He will reveal His truth to us in ways that contradict each other. God never contradict Himself – This is just a part of His nature that I am learning to know and trust. That is one reason why I believe that God revealed His truth to us through the Bible. No other scripture or book out there comes close to be as reliable, consistent, historically accurate and true to the nature of God.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for our health. No one will agree with me if I said, “smoking is bad for me but is good for you” – It’s bad, and everyone absolutely agree with that – It’s an absolute truth. There are many areas in our lives that we have absolute truths like this example, but when it comes to “spiritual truth”, to God and what it is really all about, people expect tolerance, “oneness”, “openness” – “Relative Truth”- “What true for you is not true for me”, etc…

If I know that smoking is bad, I will not encourage a friend to have another cigarette but instead, I will encourage them to quit and take on a path toward health… a path towards the truth.

Everyone believe something, but what we believe does not make something true or false. What we believe does not change that ultimate, absolute truth that is already out there.

Many years ago people believed with all their hearts that the earth was flat. Was the earth ever flat? No! The earth was always round, but people did not know that at the time and they believed something that was false. We can believe whatever we want, but our belief does not change THE truth. The truth is out there… always was and always will be. We choose what we believe based on the information we have at the time. I choose to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and that the Bible (including the New Testament) is true. Am I right? Well, based on all the evidence supporting this belief, I believe I am… Can you support your belief with concrete evidence? Why do you believe what you believe? And what if it’s not true after all?

In the end, at least, that’s my belief, we will all know THE truth and if I’m right, if Christianity is right, If Yeshua IS the ONLY way to God, than all other ways are false and leads to eternal death… I think that for anyone who cares about their eternity, it’s worth looking into it and choose the path with the most answers, with the most concrete evidences and with the most consistency. I found it in the Bible, through God and through Yeshua.

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Is truth absolute or relative?

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