Isn’t God lives in all names and forms?

Isn’t God lives in all names and forms? Isn’t the essence more important than the form? If Jesus declared himself to be GOD – that’s it?

It is ALL about the essence NOT the form. The essence is GOD – The Creator and designer of this universe. The ONE and ONLY true GOD – The unchanging, always true God, always present, always knowing, always loving GOD. The one and only God who actually KNOW what we need, know what is best for us. Not a “Men Made” God, but the unmade God, the uncreated God, ever lasting and always there GOD. The GOD that was here before the beginning and the one that will be here forever. The GOD that is actually ABLE to deliver me and SAVE me from my “humanness”

Trust in HIM and trust and believe that HE didn’t just “throw” us humans here on this earth to figure it out on our own. HE gave us HIS Word – The Bible (Old & New Testaments), where all teachings of love, peace, compassion etc., moral teachings and all POSITIVE kind of teaching as we know them through many great teachers and gurus and saints throughout the time, ORIGINATED from – ALL these teachings that do us good, that help us grow spiritually, originated in GOD and are found in HIS WORD – The Bible. Any teachings that contradicts the Bible is a false teaching. Since GOD is true, than the Bible is true (absolute truth).

It’s about the essence of HIS WORD – That’s what it’s all comes down to. When you read the Bible you will find ALL the answers you need – It’s all right there laid out for you in the beautiful way of GOD.

We have so many misinterpretations of HIS WORD and people are repeatedly trying to interpret HIS Word so it will “fit” their needs. Instead we should surrender to it – to HIS WORD, to HIS will for us. Only by surrendering, we create a space for HIS Word to work in us and for HIM to help us with our humanness.

God created us to know HIM and to have a relationship with HIM. It’s not about “religion” but it’s about a RELATIONSHIP and just like marriage, it requires getting to know each other. As for GOD, HE already knows us better than we will ever know our selves. HE knew you before you were even born… We are the ones who need to do the “work” to get to know HIM. The best way to get to know God is to read HIS WORD – HIS stories, HIS history, HIS ways which HE made available to us through the Bible, to communicate with HIM (Pray), to become aware of HIS presence and works in our lives and to TRUST HIM – Alway.

God created us in HIS OWN image – We NEED HIM to understand our place & purpose in this world. We NEED HIS WORD to help us understand HIM. We can not truly understand on our own, we can not “do it” on our own. WE are NOT in control here but HE IS.

Don’t waist any time with false teachings, with “hitting around the bush” – Get the ORIGINAL – The SOURCE – GOD and HIS WORD.

“Oneness”can be found only in HIM and only THROUGH HIM.

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Isn’t God lives in all names and forms?

  • Wow, this is de facto precious input. Thanks for posting it. I actually believe, it is important to put in writing regarding it since I think that not only I as being a active Buddhist will get a bit from it but possibly others will as well.

  • Thank you for your comment Dorian. I’m glad that you have found this to be a good resource for you and others.
    If I may ask, you said you are an active Buddhist… So, what place does God has in your life? Do you feel like you have God in your life? Is it true that Buddhism leaves God, the Creator & Designer of it all, out of the picture? That it teaches that you can “do it” on your own?

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