Isaiah 53:4-6 in Hebrew – “We all like sheep have gone astray…”


Learn Isaiah 53:4-6 in Hebrew! One of the most powerful messianic prophecies in the Jewish Scriptures! This Hebrew poster includes the Biblical Hebrew text with complete and accurate transliteration and translation into English.
No prior knowledge of Hebrew is necessary!
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Learn Isaiah 53:4-6 in Hebrew!

Since Hebrew is the original language of the Tanach (the Old Testament), learning Biblical Hebrew can deepen your understanding of the Word of God (the Bible), and therefore, your relationship with God. Firstly, this Hebrew poster makes it easy and possible for anyone to learn these verses in their original Hebrew language. Secondly, it looks great in a frame and can provide visual inspiration to you and others.

Isaiah 53 is one of the most powerful messianic prophecies in the Jewish Scriptures. Prophesied by the prophet Isaiah who lived in the seventh-eighth century BC. According to his prophecy in Isaiah 53, at the end of days, the leaders of Israel would recognize they had made a mistake when they rejected the Messiah.

Isaiah 53 is also referred to as the “Forbidden Chapter”. A long time ago, the section apparently caused a lot of arguments and confusion among the rabbis, so they decided that the simplest solution would be to just take that prophecy out of the Haftarah readings in synagogues. That is why today, Jewish people read Isaiah 52, stop in the middle of the chapter, and the week after they jump straight to Isaiah 54, completely skipping Isaiah 53! Therefore, many Jewish people all over the world today are not familiar with Isaiah 53.

Isaiah 53:4-6 Translation: “Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our pains. Yet we esteemed Him stricken, struck by God, and afflicted. But He was pierced because of our transgressions, crushed because of our iniquities. The chastisement for our shalom was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed. We all like sheep have gone astray. Each of us turned to his own way. So ADONAI has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”

How to share the Good News with Jewish people?:

People often ask me how to share the Good News with Jewish people? Isaiah 53 is a great place to start! Learn and recite these verses to your Jewish friend and ask them if they know where you are reading from? Most likely, they will think that you are reading from the New Testament, but when you show them it’s actually from their own Jewish Bible, a prophecy by the prophet Isaiah written more than a thousand years before Yeshua (Jesus) came to earth, a real conversation can start from there.

How does it work?

Each Hebrew word is broken into syllables and transliterated using the English alphabet. The forward-slash (“/”) separates between syllables and the capitals point to where the accent should be. Pronounce each syllable by itself, then pronounce the entire word as a whole before moving on to the next word. In addition, each Hebrew word is translated into English, so you can understand what it means within the context. Therefore, with just a little practice, you will be able to recite these verses in Hebrew and above all, gain a deeper understanding of the Word of God!

Download the basic Pronunciation Instructions here!

Scroll down for step-by-step video instruction of Isaiah 53:4-6 in Hebrew, or visit The WORD in HEBREW YouTube Channel for many more video tutorials. In these videos, I teach the Hebrew pronunciation of each verse very slowly, syllable-by-syllable, word-by-word, so you can follow along. I also recite the entire section in fluent Hebrew, so you can hear it as a whole. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to recite these verses in Hebrew all by yourself!


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Learn Isaiah 53:4-6 in Hebrew with step-by-step video instructions:


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