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Conversation with a Religious Jew

Religious Jew

Religious Jew

This conversation with a religious Jew started from his (KO) response to my testimony video:

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It greatly saddens me to see my fellow Jews fall for the trap of Christianity. Please consider something. why did so many of our people choose to die than accept Jesus/Yeshua?


It greatly saddens me to see my fellow Jews not seeing the truth that is right in front of them. Christianity is not a trap, but the only way to a real and eternal relationship with our God, our heavenly Abba. Salvation is not by works, but only by the grace of God. No one can be good enough to deserve God’s grace. It is a gift, made available to us by God. A gift of redemption; a gift of salvation. All we need to “do” is accept it. Read the Bible with an open heart and God will speak to you. Yeshua (Jesus) was (and is) THE Jewish Messiah who came down to earth to the Jews FIRST. He did not come to start a new religion, but to bring us all closer to God and to each other. “Christianity” comes from the Greek word “Christ” which means “Messiah”. A true “Christian” is someone who follows the JEWISH Messiah.

Consider this: Yeshua said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father but through me” (John 14:6). This statement is either true or false – Study and find out for your self. Also, read Isaiah 53 with an open mind and an open heart (“The Forbidden Chapter”). Isaiah 53 is called the “forbidden chapter” because it is skipped and not read in synagogues as part of the weekly Shabbat readings. Why do you think that is?

To answer your question “Why did so many of our people choose to die than accept Jesus/Yeshua? I would say that unfortunately they did not know any better and wrongly assumed that Jesus was represented by the Nazis for example, who obviously did not understand who Jesus was and His message of peace and love. People who twist Yeshua’s message to fit their own agenda, give a bad name to Christianity and to Yeshua. This is all the work of Satan who wants nothing more than to sabotage God’s plan.

Also, I would point out that MANY Jews, including all the writers of the New Testament (except for John), were persecuted, severely tortured and died FOR their faith in Yeshua. If they KNEW that the NT is one big fat lie, and that Yeshua was nothing but a man, WHY ON EARTH would they die for a lie if they KNEW it was all a lie?? Would you die for a lie knowing it is a lie?


People believe in a lot of stuff… radical Muslims who are suicide bombers die for what they believe. In fact during the inquisition we Jews were tortured and murdered when we did not accept Jesus. Why would we reject what is true? Please understand why I am talking about this with you. I care about what happens to you for worshiping a created being. (Yes, Jesus is created he was born on earth)


That is true. Many people die for what they believe. The question is how do we know that what we believe is TRUE? Not just true for me or true for you, but true for ALL? Honestly, we don’t know if all those radicals really take their time to truly EXAMINE their faith, or are they just going with the flow of their environment? I believe that the unexamined faith is not worth believing… We reject what is true because our EGO gets in the way. We want to be in control, rather give God the control. The point here is dying for a lie, while you KNOW it is a lie! Who would do that???


Yea dying for what you know is a lie is stupid. But if you believe in something so strongly you could believe anything is true. In the account of the resurrection Jesus was mistaken for the Gardner. He could have been coning a lot of people.


Believing does not MAKE things true! Things are either true or they are not… We cannot change what is already true, otherwise, it was never true to begin with…

Jesus died on the cross and was put in a tomb. His disciples did not expect to see Him again, but it didn’t take them long to recognize Him for who He really was. Why Mary Magdalene thought He was the gardener, could simply be explained by the possible far distance she was from Him, and/or early morning lighting conditions and of course the fact that she did not expect to see Him.


Why would our G-d who gave us the revelation on Mt. Sinai then get upset and send us to burn in “Hell” for rejecting Jesus/Yeshua. Seems like a mean prank to me.

You still cannot prove Christianity is true. How does it make the world a better place? If anything it really caused more problems in the world. Now I know you may say that true followers of Jesus/Yeshua would not do what has been done in his name. I am going to go by what the Tanakh says… When the Moshiach comes we will all know who he is, there will be no more war, we Jews will be back in Israel, and all the world will worship HaShem.


God does not send us to hell. WE send ourselves to hell, by CHOOSING to deny God. God created us with the will to choose. We can choose to love Him or deny Him. God’s upset is when we deny Him. I don’t know if you are a parent, but parents get very upset when their kids disobey them and get in trouble. Do they help them, of course, but sometimes it is out of their control. God does not want to control us. He wants us to choose right – to choose HIM! He doesn’t want us to be robots.

Look at Isaiah 52-53 again with an open mind. IT IS TALKING ABOUT THE MESSIAH! And clearly says that He will come TWICE – Once as a suffering servant and the second as a victorious king. Yeshua WILL come again! Are you ready for Him??? I recommend for you to check out the work of Lee Strobel: “The Case for Christianity”, “The Case for Christ” and “The Case for Faith” – Great work available in book or DVD form (can get it on Netflix too) I’ll be praying for you!

The first coming was for PERSONAL peace and the second coming will be for WORLD peace.


I have read them multipule times…it is NOT speaking of Messiah….


Then explain to me how verses 6, 7, 8 & 10 of Isaiah 53 are speaking about national Israel??? Also, keep in mind that the rabbinic thought up until Rashi, was that Isaiah 53 IS indeed Messianic (Zohar, Midrash and other writings) The Targum explicitly teaches that the whole chapter of Isaiah 53 refers to the Messiah! You chose who and what you want to believe.

Read Zachariah 14 – It is yet in the future!

And also Jeremiah 23:4-5

“The days are coming,” declares the Lord, “when I will make a new covenant with the people of Israel and with the people of Judah. It will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt, because they broke my covenant, though I was a husband to them, declares the Lord. “I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts. I will be their God, and they will be my people” (Jeremiah 31:31-33).


Consider what you are saying. Is Rashi, Rambam, Ramban ect now buring in hell because they did not accept Jesus? Are our people who were murdered in the Holocaust now in hell but the Nazis if they repented and accepted Jesus now in Heaven? Isaiah 53 is NOT forbidden if it was do you not think our Rabbis would have had it removed from the Tanakh? You can buy any Tanakh open it up and read Isaiah 53. I used to be messianic until I reread our Tanakh. Please re consider everything with an open mind!


Ok. So who do you think Isaiah 53 is talking about?


The Gentile Kings are speaking of the Nation of Israel in Isaiah 53. Israel is clearly identified as the servant in Isaiah 49:3

We dont “skip” Isaiah 53 in the Haftorah readings in the Synagogue on Shabbos. Isaiah 53 was not selected because to share no theme in the Torah when it became illegal for our people to study Torah. We also don’t read Isaiah 3, 13, 23, or 33. But we DO read Isaiah 9:5-6 and if I recall missionaries use this text on us Jews.

Also we don’t read the Prophets like we do the Torah in the idea of reading the whole section of the prophets like we start in Genesis 1 and go to the end of Deut. The Rabbis had us read the Haftorah because of a loophole the Greeks made to not study Torah. The Rabbis looked for similar themes that go along with the Torah so it would not be forgotten.


You might want to check the earliest traditional Jewish sources (like Targum, Talmud, Sa’adiah Gaon and several others) that virtually without exception, interprets Isaiah 52:13-53:12 with reference to an individual, or to the Messiah. Even the followers of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson had no problem applying the prophecy to him as an individual, in keeping with the most Jewish traditions. (see Brown L. Michael, “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus”, Vol. 3, pg. 49-61)

Isaiah 49:3 is actually speaking of an individual WITHIN the nation on Israel. The reference to the servant as a people, actually ends with Isaiah 48:20. See pg. 44 in Dr. Brown’s book that I have mentioned below regarding Is. 49:3

I highly encourage you to check out Dr. Michael L. Brown material. His book series on “Answering Jewish Objections” is excellent! Also, Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum has great resources. Keep in mind that the Word of God is superior to any human interpretations. Read the Word, straight out of the Tanach, and let God speak to you. There are no contradictions in God’s Word, only in the interpretations… Don’t try to fit the Word into your own agenda, but try to fit your agenda into the Word. And of course, PRAY and ask God to reveal HIS truth to you!


I have read Dr Brown’s work. I do believe the Word of G-d is superior however the way the messianics are interpreting them does NOT mean it is talking about Jesus. I would also suggest you look at Tovia Singer’s work “lets get biblical”. I know the Tanakh has no contradictions but the New Testament is full of them.


How long have you been a Messianic and what was it that made you stop following Yeshua?


I was one for 3yrs. I found too many inconsistencies and contradictions of the Tanakh in the New Testament.


So today, what is your assurance for your salvation? What happens when you die?


I believe that I am judged on my deeds. G-d gave the world a DOABLE higher standard that sperates us from the animals. I will be judged by G-d alone and I will reap the bliss my actions caused here on earth.


How can you ever know that you have done enough good deeds to “earn” your salvation? No one can ever do enough to meet God’s Holy standards! That is why God, in His love for us, sent Yeshua to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. We cannot earn our salvation through our “good deeds”, but only through faith in God and His plan for us. With all the respect for rabbinic writings and thought, it is all men’s interpretations and human additions to God’s Word.


Sooo Gandhi, Anne frank, Elie Weisel and his father and many other good people are going to burn in hell. But Hitler (if he accepted Jesus) is now in heaven?


I know, it’s hard to accept that good people go to hell and bad people go to heaven. But according to God’s plan and according to His Word, our entrance to haven does not depends on our “goodness” but on whether or not we truly accepted HIM as our God, as our Lord. Whether or not we truly trusted Him for our salvation and accepted that we can NOT get there on our own. There are at least 100 prophecies in the Tanach that were fulfilled by Yeshua. Did you study them as a Messianic?

The bottom line is that only God judges at the end. I don’t know what was in the heart of all these good people. God is just, loving and forgiving. His forgiveness is so much more than we can ever grasp, that yes, the worst people can end up in heaven IF they truly repented in their hearts and accepted Yeshua as their Messiah and Lord. Salvation IS by faith. As for Hitler, since he killed himself, I don’t think he will be in heaven. If he repented, he should not have killed himself.


I did indeed study them but I found verses believed to be speaking of Jesus were taken out of context or the prophecy did not come to pass yet


Can you give me a couple of examples for New Testament contradictions? I am somewhat familiar with Tovia Singer’s work but will look it up…


It will be an unending dialogue between us if we keep showing each other scripture because we both feel we are right but the other is wrong. I think you should re open the case and start reading the Tanakah with an open mind. I am saying all these things because you are a Jew and I care when one of my people does these kinds of things.


I am always open and interested to learn the truth. I also care very much about my fellow Jews, who might be missing the truth… (no offense, just saying…) You are right… it could be an un-ending debate but at the end, assuming there IS ultimate and absolute truth that was established by our one true God, only one of us can be right… (-:


I would not call it a debate. We don’t have a mediator.

Verses are made up such as Matt 2:23, taken out of context Matthew 2:13-15 (compare with Hosea 11:1) Matthew 1 and Luke 3 contradict the names in 1 Chronicles chapters 1-3. Miss use of words Isaiah 7:14 the miss use of HaAlmah and Betulah in Matt 1:20-23.


Matthew 2:23: The word “Nazarene” in Jesus’ time, while still literally referring to someone from Nazareth, had become more or less a synonym for despised. The verse could be paraphrased, for the purpose of this discussion, in the following way: ‘…he went and lived in a town called Nazareth. So was fulfilled what was said through the prophets: “He will be despised and referred to contemptuously”

Matthew 2:13-15 is a parallel – As God brought Israel out of Egypt in its infancy, He did the same with Yeshua in His infancy.


Why are you so sure it is speaking of Yeshua? There are plenty I am sure who fled to Egypt.


Obviously, Matthew is speaking of Yeshua, who is the central and main character of his gospel and of the entire New Testament.


If we were to go to the day before Yeshua was born, and we asked whom Hosea 11:1 was talking about what kind of answer do you think you would get?


National Israel of course. As I said, Matthew 2:13-15 is a PARALLEL to Hosea 11:1. Just as it happened to Israel, God’s national “son”, so also it happened to Jesus, God’s Messianic Son, and the ideal representative of the nation. Both were called out of Egypt in their childhood.

As for the genealogy of Yeshua, Dr. Michael Brown does a great job in addressing the so called “contradictions” in his book “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Vol. 4 pg. 76-83.

As for Isaiah 7:14: There are several places in the Tanach when “Almah” (a young, unmarried woman) is used in reference to a virgin. The word is used seven times in the Tanach to describe un-married women who were virgins (Gen.24:43; Ex. 2:8; Psalm 68:25; Song of Songs 1:3 & 6:8; Prov. 30:18-19 (in contrast to vs. 20) and Isaiah 7:14.)


I pray you will see G-ds word and come back to Judaism.


I NEVER left Judaism, rather, I have found completion in my faith. I was born a Jew, and will always remain a Jew. Following the Jewish Messiah is the most Jewish thing to do…


To be honest I do not see how worshiping a man who many claim is G-d is a very Jewish thing to do. The children of Israel who built and worshiped the golden calf I am sure said “we are only worshiping Ha’Shem” but it was NOT a very Jewish thing to do.


I do not worship the “man” Yeshua, but the God (Ha’Shaem) that He represents. Yeshua IS our God in the flesh. He is not separate from God, but is ONE with God. Do you not think God can do that? Also, the children of Israel, clearly built the golden calf so they have ANOTHER god to worship. They lost their faith in Ha’Shem and I am sure they did not refer to the golden calf as “Ha’Shem”… Either way, they ended up burning in flames and buried under ground.


You are still saying “but the God (Ha’Shaem) that He represents. Yeshua IS our God in the flesh”. The ones who built the calf still said “we are still worshiping 1 god” we are told in the “Ten statements” not to worship false gods. Jesus is not the one who took us out of Egypt. I refuse to bow down to him again. Please ask yourself the question” why did so many Jews prefer to die than accept Jesus”

Tell me something where does it say in the Torah or could be implied that we must believe in the Moshiach when he comes.


The anticipation for the Messiah who was promised by God and the desire to be closer to God, is very clear from Genesis 3 and throughout the Tanach. If God promised that He will send a Messiah to save His people and ultimately, the entire human race, He will keep His promise. As a Jew, why would you not believe God’s promise? Those who doubted God, ended up with a curse, disease and death.


The Messiah will NOT save the world. We must fix the world before the Messiah can come. G-d will not send a heavenly copout when he gave us a very specific mission in this world to make it a better place. I believe the Messiah is coming but he will come when we have earned him.


Sorry, I think that only GOD has the power to fix the world, which HE created. The Messiah has come and will come again, all in God’s timing and according to God’s will and plan. We can never “earn” salvation, we can never do enough “good”. And as for our calling, our calling is to FOLLOW HIM by faith, to KNOW God and to make Him known! And by doing so, we can be a light to the world.

Being Jewish is a responsibility that can only be fulfilled through a living relationship with the God who created the Jewish people. It is a responsibility that can only be fulfilled through receiving and giving His light.


Exactly and we do NOT need a mangod. We Jews are meant to be a light to the nations and spread ethical monotheism to the world.

So what was the point of G-d giving the Torah if it was not to fix the world and to be lights to the goyim?


To POINT us to our sinful nature and our need for a savior! To show us that we can NEVER be good enough in God’s holy standards. Once we recognize that, only than, we can be a light to the goyim, who are in need of the exact same savior!


That is one crule god you worship…
Think back to when you were 5. What if your Father ordered you to flap your arms to fly to the moon to get cheese KNOWING you can’t do it. But he said fly there and back in 1 hour if you don’t I will beat you and keep doing it until you do. You then break down sobbing saying “I CAN’T do it!” you Father then says “exactly! I wanted to show you you can’t!” I do not know about you but if that happened to me I would hate my father.


That is exactly what many people in our world are trying to do since our creation – “flap their arms to get to the moon”, THINKING they can actually do it on their own. People forgot who is in-charge here. I don’t think that God is cruel. God is a loving God. He knows you and me, and our sinful nature. He wants us to be with Him but He wants us to CHOSE to be with Him. What about the 613 commandments in the Torah? If you broke one, you broke them all, right?

What is your explanation for the purpose of the Torah? Why would “your” God give you a set of commends so tedious that you can never fully keep?


They are NOT tedious or impossible to keep. They keep us on track. We Humans need structure in our lives. Torah is ment to make the world a better place. Avraham for example did this and brought many to the realization of true monotheism. We do not need a god-man who came to earth to be a copout of our mission. I am sad as my fellow Jew we don’t see eye to eye but maybe you had a misunderstanding of Judaism growing up. (I am just saying)


Why is it that the Jews, throughout the Tanach and especially in the Torah, repeatedly disobeyed God, turned their backs on Him, worshiped idols, etc. Despite the obvious presence of God? The smoke, the fire, the parting of the red sea, the victories, all were not enough??? What will it take for the Jews to fully trust God? God should have been done with us long time ago, yet, in His love, He comes down to earth in human flesh to redeem us and bring us to Him.

“The facts of history are against you. As a nation, we have never kept the Torah, consistently breaking even the most fundamental laws and commands, and if you’e honest, you’ll have to admit that it’s true even in your own life, at least on some level. We all fall short!” (Dr. Michael L. Brown)

God gave the law to Moses, and not one person has been able to obey it completely – not one. Psalm 14:3, 53:3

Let’s face it, 99% of the so called “laws” you are keeping today, are man made and have nothing to do with God’s original commandments. Not to mention that the majority of the 613 commandments in the Torah, are impossible to keep since the distraction of the temple in 70 AD. The rabbis over the centuries, modified and added to the law, so it “fits” the times…

Would you say that you keep ALL the law in the Torah? God commanded us to keep all those laws. Yeshua simply gave a way to obey the whole law by accepting Him. We have absolutely no way to keep the whole law without Yeshua.

God Himself gave himself to the cruel actions of men and let them kill him – even His own – for their sake and the sake of the world. He takes the penalty for our sin. He stands in our place where we would be judged (by this cruel god). This is in stark contrast to what God required in the Tanakh.


We have Teshuah and trying to get back on the right path. The Christian god is cruel because he gave a law saying we can do it but then says “oh I was only showing that you cant do it” I don’t want to worship a cruel god like that.

There are some commandments we can’t do at this point because we do not have a temple but it is put on hold until we are able to once again do them. We are also currently in exile so commandments that apply only in the land of Israel cant be done at this point.

This is ridicules… “put on hold”? Where did GOD say to put any of His commandments on “hold”? Plenty of religious Jews live in Israel (not in exile) and cannot keep the commandments! And what about the blood sacrifices? How do you truly get atonement for your on-going sins??? Where in the Tanach did God say there is no more need for blood sacrifices as atonement for sin? Do you sacrifice your best animal every day? I don’t think so. So what is your assurance for heaven???

God IN HIS LOVE for us, came down to earth as Yeshua to be the perfect and eternal sacrifice for our sins. It is the ONLY way to God and the ONLY way to heaven. Stop following man made laws and man made writings, but follow God’s unchangeable and eternal Word. With all the respect, the rabbis’ hearts are hardened, their eyes are shot. Don’t fall into THAT trap!


Just because there are ONLY 6 million Jews in Israel does NOT mean the exile is over. The majority of Jews today are not religious at all it is a very small minority. Blood sacrifice ONLY covered unintentional sins Lev 4:1-2. Intentional requires teshuavah. Try reading II Samuel 12:13, Pslams 51:16-19, I Samuel 15:22, Michah 6:6-8, Hosea 14:2-3, I Kings 8:46-50, and Ezekiel 18:1-4, 19-23.


Leviticus 16:16; 17:11; 5:5-10 and many more…

God gave the Law in order to show the whole world, that they have sinned and that their actions are held accountable to God. God knew that no one would be able to keep the Law, so He did not give the Law so that we might keep it, but rather so we will know what sin is. How else would you recognize sin outside of the Law? Outside of God’s standards of right and wrong? God is NOT cruel. He is a LOVING God that wants to save us from our sin. Something we can NEVER do on our own!

God didn’t give the law just so we would disobey it and then need a savior. That really would be cruel. Scripture is clear; God gave the law to show us what He already knew, that we are sinners. Because God is perfectly just He cannot allow sinners in His presence. If we didn’t have the law, we would still be condemned we just wouldn’t know why.

In God’s grace he showed us the truth about ourselves so that we would realize our need for a savior. Remember, claiming ignorance does not excuse us from judgment. Thank God He showed us the truth about ourselves and then made a way to be justified and thus fulfill the law. Yeshua came to FULFILL the law not abolish it!

So how did the Gentiles come to recognize their sinful nature and need for a savior if the Law was given to the Jews? THROUGH THOSE JEWS who recognized it and accepted Yeshua! (the writers of the New Testament for example…)


I will continue praying for you that you come back to our people. May this Shabbos your eyes be opened and Worship HaShem once again in truth.


Just curious, what brought you to Yeshua in the first place? Were you religious before you became Messianic?


I was reform. However it played no role in my life. I was dating a Christian woman who wanted to see me accept Jesus. I was lead to a ‘Messianic” church and I felt it was so Jewish and because of my lack of Jewish education and community I fell into the trap.


Sounds like you did it to please your girlfriend at the time, not really led by your own heart… I’m just saying… it makes all the difference! Did you actually accepted Yeshua into your heart at the time? Did you pray the “salvation prayer”? Were you baptized?


I did indeed get baptized, and I did accept him. The relationship did not last but it was not to please anyone. I honestly felt Yeshua was it. I evangelized, I did bible study, I shared my story. I accepted him on Yom Kippur in 2008.


Wow! Sounds like the real deal… So what was the turning point?

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Should Jews Believe in Yeshua Jesus?

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua Jesus?

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua Jesus?

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua (Jesus)? Who is Yeshua and why should we follow Him?

Yeshua is the only person known to ever claim to be God and proved it by the things He did and said – things that only God can do, things that only God can know! Yeshua performed healing and miracles like no other person ever did, He fulfilled over 100 prophecies from the Tanach (Old Testament), He was sinless, He died for us and rose from the dead! The only person on earth that ever claimed to be “The Way” and the ONLY WAY to GOD! “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 3:16

If it is true that there is only one way to God and it is through Yeshua, wouldn’t you want to get on it, to be on it and to stay on it???

You might say, I am Jewish! How can I believe in Jesus (Yeshua)??? Well, Yeshua was Jewish too… He was born Jewish, in Israel, was raised 100% Jewish, kept kosher, kept the Jewish law, went to the synagogue, celebrated all the Jewish holidays, died and was buried Jewish – He was 100% JEWISH!!! All his initial disciples were Jewish, and they too, died as Jews while defending their faith in Yeshua.

Having a relationship with God is the ultimate goal of our being, it’s in our nature! The desire to know God is in each and every one of us. We were created that way by God and He wants nothing more than to have a relationship with us, to be with us and for us. He loves us, ALL of us, like a father loves his children… and much more…

By getting to know Yeshua, by learning about His life, His works and His nature, we get to know God Himself in all His glory! By getting to know Yeshua and by developing a relationship with HIM, we get to have a real relationship with God!

So, if you are Jewish, wouldn’t you want to know more about this great Jewish rabbi who lived over 2000 years ago and changed the world like no one else in history ever did?

Is all of this really true? Did it really happen? Was Yeshua really God? and why does it really matter??? I encourage you to find out the answers for yourself!

Start reading the New Testament – START with the Gospel of John! (John was a Jew that wrote for the Jews)

May God bless you and guide you on your way!

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Can I be Jewish and believe in Jesus?

The short answer to this question is: ABSOLUTELY! You can be Jewish and believe in Jesus (Yeshua)

You were born Jewish therefore, you are always Jewish. Nothing and no one can take your Jewish identity from you.
Jesus was born Jewish, to a Jewish mother. He was born in Israel and had a Hebrew name – Yeshua = “The one who Saves”. He lived His life 100% Jewish. He celebrated all the Jewish holidays, went to the synagogue, and taught to the Jewish people.

It should not be a surprising that God sent Yeshua the Messiah to the Jews first! Because the Jews are God’s “chosen people”, He offered them the way to salvation first. Not to mention that His coming, His life, death and resurrection are all prophesied in amazing detail throughout the old testament.

All the 12 disciples of Yeshua were Jews and like Him, lived and dies as Jews in all ways!

Yeshua died on the cross as a Jew. The Romans put a sign on His cross calling Him “The King of the Jews”.

Yeshua was buried as a Jew and will come back to reign in Jerusalem.

Christianity is completely Jewish in it’s roots. Yeshua did not come to start a new religion, but to bring the Jews and all people on earth to God. To offer us all eternal life and eternal peace.

There is nothing more natural for a Jew than to believe in Yeshua – the Jewish Messiah. Yeshua is the fulfillment and completion of the Torah. He came to fulfill the Torah and to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

As a Jewish Believer in Yeshua I have found a renewed connection to my Jewish heritage, all the Jewish holidays receive an even deeper meaning and my love for Israel – my native country, has grown as well.

Knowing that Yeshua was Jewish and came to the Jews first is exciting and should be encouraging to any Jew out there. Our Messiah has come, and He will come again! He is our only way to salvation and to a real relationship with God.

For a Jew to come to faith in Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah, it is not a conversion, but rather it is a COMPLETION OF FAITH!

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Completed Jew?

“Completed Jew”? Does that make every other Jew incomplete?

When the phrase “Completed Jew” is used, it’s used in the sense of “completed faith” – Unlike in other religions or heritage, when a Jew comes to faith in the Jewish Messiah, it is not a “conversion”, but a COMPLETION OF FAITH . Since Jesus was Jewish and came to the Jewish people to be their Messiah, There is nothing more Jewish, a Jewish person can do than to follow Him. Believing and following the Jewish Messiah, YESHUA, is a completion of faith for the Jew.


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I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua – Jesus!

I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua

Watch my personal story and testimony of how I came to believe in Y’eshua (Jesus) as the Jewish Messiah…

Recorded in September, 2014 (05:53 min.)


Recorded in August, 2008 (09:55 min.)

My name is Ayelet which is Hebrew for the “Doe of the Dawn” (Psalm 22:1). I am Jewish, was born and raised in Israel and like the majority of people in Israel, my family was not religious.

Since I was a kid I had a sense of what I used to call “the Inner voice”. I believed that was God’s attempts to communicate with me. I used this “inner guide” often in my life but many times I completely ignored it. It did not provide a way for me to communicate with God. Although I always believed in the existence of God, praying was something for the Jewish orthodox not for me. I never really prayed and never really knew how to communicate with God.

Growing up in Israel, Jesus is not someone people are encouraged to learn about…to the contrary! It is considered a sin or betrayal in the Jewish people to have anything to do with Jesus. Jewish people who do choose to follow Jesus are considered like Gentiles in the eyes of the orthodox Jews. Honestly, growing up, I didn’t even know that there are Jewish people who believe in Jesus.

When I was 23, I left Israel for the first time and came to America. All of a sudden I was in a new country, new culture, new everything but for some bizarre reason, from the moment I set my feet here in America, I felt very much at home.

I had come to a small spiritual community based on the teachings of Yoga in which I lived for about 12 years but still, I was not able to connect on a spiritual level and after all, it was a spiritual community. Something was missing for me and became even more evident to me there.

My husband and I were married in a Jewish Ceremony in 2000. Soon after that we had a beautiful son & daughter. I was a stay at home mom in a little house in the woods. Many times, the only adult I would see during the day was my husband. I wasn’t happy. I lived in a SPIRITUAL community and was not able to connect spiritually, it just didn’t do it for me – Something was still missing and I didn’t know how to find it!

To tell a long story short, our life directed us to move to the city. All of a sudden it seemed there is a church around every corner, crosses everywhere and it is just screaming “Jesus” all around. It wasn’t for me….(well, that’s what I thought…) after all I was Jewish and was taught that Jesus is for the Gentiles only. I felt a big need to get re-connected to my Jewish origins and my heritage especially now that my son was starting to understand more. I wanted him to be able to learn about his heritage as well.

So, like a good Jewish girl I started to attend the synagogue. I thought it will fill that spiritual hole in me. I thought I will be able to get connected with God through the synagogue. But as much as it was all familiar, it still did not do it for me. I was thirsty for a spiritual connection, I was thirsty for God and nothing seemed to fulfill that thirst!

I started to notice the churches everywhere more and more and I found myself wondering how come SO many people around me and all over the world believe in Jesus? Could they all be wrong?

I had a big urge to investigate into it, to know what is the story of Jesus and why Christianity is the biggest religion in the world? I started to search the internet, read, watch movies and documentaries. The more I found out, the more amazed I was at how much sense it all made!

One big point that was made clear to me early in my “quest” was that Jesus was born in Israel, his Hebrew name was Y’eshua, he was Jewish in all ways, he celebrated the Jewish holidays, kept kosher and kept the Sabbath as the holy day. All of his disciples were 100% Jewish – so what happened??? Why did the Jewish bible stop where it stopped? I did not believe that God lost interest in us at the end of the Old Testament. I had to find out for myself!

I went and bought a copy of the New Testament – a book that is considered a curse to have in an orthodox Jewish home! I started reading and loved every moment of it! I have literally become obsessed in my “quest”. My focus, for the most part, was in comparing Judaism and Christianity with a great deal of apologetic material. I spent many hours talking to Christians, a rabbi as well as Messianic Jews about it all and the more I found out, the more amazed I was. I couldn’t believe it! My views of the world, life and people started to change. Things I thought I once believed where replaced with the word of God. From the beginning of my “quest” it became very clear to me and I felt very strong that the bible IS the word of God. I have no doubt in that today!

In the course of a few months I have grown closer and closer to God. God has opened my eyes and my heart to know for the first time in my life His full story. I believe in all my heart that God was with me since day one, he led me to America, to the spiritual community and to where I am today for me to re-connect with Him. I believe it would have been so much harder to make this happen if I was still living in Israel.

But still, although everything made total sense, I was not quite ready to let go and surrender.

On April 2008 a friend introduced me to her church. I met with the Pastor ready to ask him a lot more questions and he made two recommendations for me: first, he said it is OK to have questions, and second, that I will always have more questions, but sometimes it’s good to leave some room for faith. He also encouraged me to read the Gospel of John which I had not read at that time.

I took his advice seriously… went home and started to read the Gospel of John. I also decided to let go of some of those questions… at least for now, and just try to let go…think less…and feel more of what is happening IN me.

I finished reading John and all of a sudden it was all clear to me! I believed! I believed it all! I went down on my knees and asked Jesus into my life! I even did it a few times…in Hebrew, in English, in Hebrew again…just to make sure… There wasn’t any thunder and lightning and nothing changed on the outside but my heart has changed from that moment on in a way that I have never felt before! NOTHING was missing anymore! I re-connected with God and I had no doubt about it!

My family in Israel, naturally having a hard time with the whole idea. I’ve been praying to God to help me and them through it, and to give me the strength and support I need in the process. I have no doubt He is with me, helping me and guiding me through it all. I am finding that life challenges are so much easier to go through with God on my side then without! I have discovered the power of prayer! It is UNBELIEVABLE – Highly recommended!

I have a new identity now – I am Jewish and I believe in Jesus. I did not convert to another religion but by believing in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah I am now a “Completed Jew”. This is a very important point to understand especially for my immediate family and friends in Israel.

This has been, and is still, an amazing journey for me. Up until a few months before I came to faith I would have never thought that I will ever believe in Jesus! And here I am! Getting Baptized, is the most natural next step for me in this journey and in my new life with Y’eshua, with Jesus.

I am thankful for all the beautiful people that I have met in my “quest”. For all the new friends that came my way and for all the prayers and support I received from everyone.

My “quest” is far from being over…in many ways it is just beginning… I am looking forward to every moment of it and to find out what God has in store for me.

And most of all I thank God for showing me the way, the one and only truth, for loving me as much… and for Y’eshua!