The Word in Hebrew aim is to enable anyone to speak and understand some biblical Hebrew in a fun and inspiring way. Every one of our products is prayerfully created by a native Hebrew speaker from Israel, and includes complete and accurate transliteration and translation into English. You will find biblical Hebrew blessings, prayers, verses, names and words on a verity of gift items. New products are added on a regular basis, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please let us know and we will do our best to create it especially for you! Enjoy your visit, learn Hebrew and spread The Word with Hebrew inspirations from the Word of God.
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The Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

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The Priestly Blessing in Hebrew

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The Shema Prayer in Hebrew

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Proverbs 3:5-6 in Hebrew

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My wife and I live in a secluded area so being around others is difficult. We both have desired for so long to be able to speak in Hebrew the Priestley Blessing know as the Aaronic Prayer. You have made this so easy to learn and readily available. We thank you so much for this blessing. When we use this in a corporate setting the Holy Spirit manifests and the Lord’s will gets done.

I am very happy with my Lord’s Prayer Poster. As a singer/songwriter, I find it very inspirational tool to help meditate on the words of our Messiah.

I am so pleased with everything I’ve purchased. Designing my grand daughters cup was so fun and she was so excited to get it. This designer is soooooooo helpful and attentive. I intend to frame the calender art for my study as each month passes and will definitely be ordering again and again.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. (John 1:1)

I am Now a "Completed Jew"

I am Jewish and I Believe in Yeshua – Jesus!

My first name is Ayelet which is Hebrew for the “Doe of the Dawn”. I am Jewish, was born and raised in Israel and like the majority of people in Israel, my family was not religious. Since I was a kid I had a sense of what I used to call “the Inner voice”. I […]

Religious Jew

Conversation with a Religious Jew

This conversation with a religious Jew started from his (KO) response to my testimony video: KO It greatly saddens me to see my fellow Jews fall for the trap of Christianity. Please consider something. why did so many of our people choose to die than accept Jesus/Yeshua? Ayelet It greatly saddens me to see my […]

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua Jesus?

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua Jesus?

Should Jews Believe in Yeshua (Jesus)? Who is Yeshua and why should we follow Him? Yeshua is the only person known to ever claim to be God and proved it by the things He did and said – things that only God can do, things that only God can know! Yeshua performed healing and miracles […]

Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity

Former Kundalini Yoga Teacher Turns to Christianity

Mike Shreve, a former Kundalini Yoga Teacher, provides a unique insight into the essential question all spiritual seekers must ask – do all religions lead to God? Interwoven with his own compelling personal story and a comprehensive look at more than twenty world religions, he provides a cogent answer to this difficult question. A good […]

Peace on Earth

If Jesus was the Messiah, why there is no peace on earth?

The Messiah was supposed to bring peace and since Jesus came there is war and suffering in the world… Our rabbis tell us that when Messiah comes, he will establish peace on earth. When the real Savior comes, he will even bring change to the physical world. A Savior who changes the physical world without […]

Elephant Story

Is truth absolute or relative?

“I like the story of the blind people, each standing at a different part of an elephant, describing the elephant by the part of the elephant they touch. One describes the trunk, one the ear, one the leg. Each is a different and seemingly contradictory description of “elephant”, yet together the descriptions begin to approach […]