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Thank you so much for your support in The WORD in HEBREW. Your financial contribution is very much appreciated and will be used to continue and develop The WORD in HEBREW’s products and videos, and to help you learn Hebrew with ease!

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Support the WORD in HEBREW

It is a blessing for me to know that my products and videos have moved you to support the WORD in HEBREW. Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated and will be used to continue and develop more Hebrew products and videos, so you and others can learn Hebrew with ease.
Todah Rabah! (=”Thank you very much!”)

*Please note: Your gift amount will NOT be able to be used for tax deductions.

The WORD in HEBREW Story:

The idea of the WORD in HEBREW came to me one sunny morning in April of 2009. I am Jewish and was born and raised in Israel. Hebrew is my native language. Something I took for granted until I came to faith in Yeshua in May of 2008. After coming to faith, I realized how valuable is the knowledge of Hebrew, especially for Bible-believing people. Since the Bible in its majority was originally written in Hebrew, being able to read, pray, and understand the scriptures in Hebrew, adds much depth to the overall experience of God’s Word. Therefore, in an effort to share this depth of Hebrew with the world, The WORD in HEBREW was created. I believe that God is using me this way, utilizing my creative, technical, and personal skills, so He can bring more people to Him. Find out more and watch my testimony here!

Check out my FREE video tutorials for each of my Hebrew posters and charts on The WORD in HEBREW YouTube Channel In these videos, I teach the Hebrew pronunciation of each verse very slowly, syllable-by-syllable, word-by-word, so you can follow along. I also recite the entire section in fluent Hebrew, so you can hear it as a whole. With a little bit of practice, you will be able to recite these verses in Hebrew all by yourself! And don’t forget to subscribe!


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