The idea of  The WORD in HEBREW  came to me one sunny morning in April of 2009. I am Jewish and was born and raised in Israel. Hebrew is my native language. Something I took for granted until I came to faith in Yeshua in May of 2008. After coming to faith, I realized how valuable is the knowledge of Hebrew, especially for Bible-believing people. Since the Bible in its majority was originally written in Hebrew, being able to read, pray, and understand the scriptures in Hebrew, adds much depth to the overall experience of God’s Word. Therefore, in an effort to share this depth of Hebrew with the world, The WORD in HEBREW was created. I believe that God is using me this way, utilizing my creative, technical, and personal skills, so He can bring more people to Him. Find out more and watch my testimony here!

Watch my testimony of coming to faith in Yeshua:

Recorded in September 2014 (05:53 min.)

Recorded in August 2008 (09:55 min.)

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I would love to hear from you! Any comments, suggestions, concerns are welcome! Please contact me here.

I give all my thanks to God – For loving me as much and for showing me The Way!

– Ayelet –

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    1. The Hebrew Language is the only LIVE Language! All other languages are dead!Only the Hebrew Language when spoken moves a Tonoscope!

  • Dear Ayelet,
    I Thank Father Yaweh, for leading me to you.
    Your work teaching me to pray in Hebrew has blessed me
    with peace and favored.
    God Bless You Sister, You are rare you are Truth.
    Carole Russell
    Atlanra, Ga

  • I’m lost for words! Your testimony is extremely anointed, I cried watching both videos because I felt the Presence of Jesus! This video ‘The Messiah’ is powerful too.

    May you continue to shine for Jesus!

  • Dear Ayelet,
    I’ve written you before and will say it again. You’re doing a very important work! May HaShem bless you abundantly for your efforts and your work for His Glory!
    בשם ישוע,

  • Dear Sister, I am saved from a non-Christian background. I have a desire to serve the Lord and to grow closer to Him every day. That is the reason I would like to learn Hebrew Language from you. I am a French teacher by profession. Can you please let me know if you can teach me online?

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