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Ayelet’s Testimony

A real life and emotional journey of a Jewish girl from Israel who came to believe in Yeshua – Jesus as the real and true Jewish Messiah.

Recorded in August, 2008 (09:55 min.)
Recorded in September, 2014 (05:53 min.)

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  • Back in the day Christ spoke Aramaic, Christ name is not Jesus. No vowels back in that time i sure they where only 4 letters in the fathers name and 4 letters in Christ name, Father > YHWH AND CHRIST YSHO, ENGLISH TERM ESHO. I SAW YOUR VIDEO ON YOUTUBE so if the fathers name is EH/HEH/YEH that is more than 4 letters. yes I AM WHO I AM IS THE FATHER BUT HOW DO REALLY KNOW HOW TO SAY THIS. And how do we do this in 4 letters. Could it be THE FATHER HEYH AND CHRIST YSHO. PLEASE WORK IT OUT IN HEBREW and Aramaic.
    please work this out Ayelet. I know > I am is not in the old Aramaic. Email me the answers thankyou.

    1. Shalom Paul, Back in the day Christ spoke Aramaic, Hebrew & Greek. His Hebrew name was ישוע yeh/SHU/ah (4 HEBREW letters). There are also 4 HEBREW letters in the Name of God יהוה as well as in the Hebrew word for eh/heh/YEH אהיה. If there is something meaningful to you in the 4 letters, than you need to look for them in the original HEBREW words and not in English translations/transliterations. I hope this helps. Blessings, Ayelet:-)

  • Hi Ayelet,
    My name is Ty. I bought one of your charts, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and then a couple of months later I bought another chart, ‘The Greatest Commandment’. All this happened about 3 maybe 4 years ago. I am a Christian and I wanted to learn the language that our Lord spoke. Thank you for your youtube, I felt that God led me to it. Two days ago, I felt led by God to consecrate my ‘temple’. I started fasting yesterday and spend all day in the word. This morning I found the charts I got from you. I thought I lost them since we’ve have moved and I gave away tons of my books. I’m going to dedicate my time to learn the charts and memorize them. I’ll send a video of me praying in Hebrew fluently. I’m a musician by profession, and I was wondering if you can teach me the song you were singing when you were a little girl? Maybe start a music lesson in Hebrew. I purchase them when you do. I saw both of your testimonial videos again and of course, I wept AGAIN. Thank you for all your great work and your time. God bless you and your family.

    1. Shalom Ty,

      Thank you so much for sharing all this with me! It’s a blessing for me to know how my testimony and work reach people and helps them in their own journey with God.
      The song I sang as a kid is called “Jerusalem of Gold”. Many sang it over the years, but here are a few videos to help you learn it:

      This is one of my favorite versions: (Sang by Ofra Haza)

      This has transliteration & translation: (same singer as in the above link)

      I hope this helps 🙂

      May God bless you & keep you!

      Ayelet Shapira Culp – Owner
      The WORD in HEBREW
      [email protected]

  • We praise God for you Ayelet,

    I found your Gen. 1:1 video on YouTube when I was looking for ways to learn Hebrew for my son who has wanted to learn for some time. He’s 10 now and I hope he really grows to love learning Hebrew and that it helps him to understand the Word even more. God bless you and your family.


  • Hello Ayelet!

    I was in my private Bible study time and Deuteronomy 6:4-5 was one of the Scriptures, I looked it up and found it is called The Shema..looking that up I found these beautiful pictures of the Word in Hebrew and then to your site!
    How lovely to find these in posters and to learn to say the Scripture in Hebrew.
    Continued success and God bless.

  • Hi, I’m David in the US, I like the Media portion, Do you have the complete Word by Word Pronunciation of the old Testament, I don’t mind to donate to your website, I’m learning Biblical Hebrew now and my problem is how to pronounce the Hebrew.
    The format like you presented for Genesis 1:1 is good. Do you have that for the whole Old Testament ?Thanks.

  • Shalom

    My name is Eric, and I live in the USA as well. I like you were searching starving for information. It brought me to the internet where I found Sid Roth. I watched the videos and came across one that talked about the only prayer that God wrote and gave it to Aaron. So I started to look was to learn in Hebrew and that’s how I found you. I am grateful for your teaching. It is very good the way you teach the prayer. I cant wait til I’m
    fluent in the prayer. I just wanted to Thank You.

    Middle River

  • Hi Ayelet! I am an American, a retired minister of the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands, and I enjoy practicing your Hebrew texts from the Bible regularly! Thanks so much, and God bless you! sincerely in the Lord, John M. (Kim) Batteau

  • Hi Ayelet,

    This is amazing. Last week I didn’t know about you and God directed me to listen to your testimony (I’m Jewish and I believe in Jesus”). I really enjoyed it. Today, as I’m trying to find some Hebrew pronunciation for blessings, I find one of your videos on YouTube. I thought ” she looks like the women of the testimony”… I made a quick research and find you’re the same person! Thank you very much for your web site. It’s very helpful. I’m French, Christian, and I recently discovered that I have Jewish roots. I’d like to learn Hebrew, and proclaim the word of God in Hebrew. I’m very happy to find your website. IThank you so much.
    Be blessed 🙂

  • Dear Ayelet,

    Thanks so much for your wonderful website. I am a retired minister of the Reformed Churches in The Netherlands (Liberated), and enjoy reciting the Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 23 daily in Hebrew, with your help.

    God bless you!

    in the Meshiach,
    (Rev.) John M. (Kim) Batteau

  • Ayelet.

    I can see how happy you are and your face shows the joy you have found in the Jewish Messiah.. the hope and the “Glory of Israel” Luke 2-29-32.

    I wept with Joy when I heard your testimony..HE IS REAL and No one can take your Joy from you, because He said “He will not leave you as an orphan”… John 14:18

    God Bless you and God Bless Israel


  • You are Jewish and you call him ‘Jezus’? You sound unsure when you answer someone’s question above? In fact, I dont think the name ‘Jezus’ can even be written in Hebrew. Do you mind showing us how you will write it? And please stick to Hebrew – as you know, Hebrew has NO vocalization in its alphabet for the sound presented by the name ‘Je …. Zus’. You do a wonderful job of teaching people Hebrew – Thanks! But if you as a Jew want to proclaim the Gentile Messiah, then please teach them his Hebrew Name also which his mother, family and followers would have called him. But – I guess that is going to drop your Sales substantially, wont it? Is that why you are hedging? And when you do proclaim his name on your T-shirts, do your clients know that that is the way that Jews wrote his name when they placed a curse on him? You need to do some homework on this topic.
    OvadYah – [email protected]

    1. For what it’s worth, here are a few facts for you:

      Jesus’ Hebrew name is YESHUA (Yeh-SHU-ah ישוע) and He IS the JEWISH Messiah!
      “Jesus” is the translation from Hebrew into Greek, into Latin and from there, into English. Here are a couple of sources for you to learn farther:

      The “curse name” which you are referring to is “Yehsu” (YEH-shu יש״ו), which is not even a name, but an acronym for “May his name and memory be stricken out.” Again, the actual Hebrew name is Yeh-SHU-ah, which means “the one who saves“, while “salvation” is “Yeh-shu-AH” (ישועה)

      I would highly recommend that you view some (or all) of the short video clips here:, which can answer a lot of questions you might have.

      May God bless you and keep you!

    2. This is unnecessary. And the reason Jesus isn’t ‘pronounceable’ in your language(Hebrew[God’s Chosen Language]) is due to methodically wicked implications coupled with a deletion of a few key pronunciations to make what would be ‘Jesus’ Hebrew equivocal now nonexistent in your language. How corrupt the leaders of this world are/have been. I pray for their conviction/repentance/salvation everlasting. One Love to ALL

      1. There is no issue with the pronunciation of “Jesus”. His name in Hebrew is YESHUA ישוע yeh/SHOO/ah.
        What we don’t know to pronounce is the name of GOD יהוה. That’s all I am saying. God bless you!

  • thank you
    the Hebrew language ( Sound ) touches something deep in my heart and spirit.
    i always had a heart for the jewish people without knowing why, since i was very young.
    ofcourse even more, to know that jewish people also convert and find the Lord as their saviour….that is the most beautiful happening on this earth.
    i love Israel and pray each day… the Aaronic blessing over the map of Israel.
    Blessing to you

    1. Shalom Sylvia and thank you for your comment.

      Just to clarify, for a Jewish person, to come to faith in the Jewish Messiah, it’s not a “conversion” but rather, it is a COMPLETION of faith! This is very important to understand.

      May God bless you and keep you!


  • Shalom Debbie, Hi my name is Boniface Gomes, I live in Bangladesh, it’s a small country beside India and I’m a believer in Christ our Lord Jesus. Day before yesterday I saw ur youtube video and I should say may our Lord bless u and u came to understand who He is. I love Israel and want to learn Hebrew language because it is God’s own language. I love the website. May our Lord always be with u.

  • Shalom Miloslav,

    I’m glad you read this article and felt the need to review it… Your post reminded me that I forgot to disable comments on the resource section of my site. The purpose of this section is to just offer resources, not for discussion per-se, I hope you understand. However, you might want to post your review/thoughts regarding this article, directly on website, where you can find this article and many others by Dr. Fruchtenbaum… or the main website is:
    I’m sure that Dr. Fruchtenbaum himself or someone in his staff, will be able to respond to your post, much better than I can…

    Blessings to you,
    Ayelet 🙂

  • Why do some people say HIS name is Yahuwshua? what is the difference? Thank you for your time

  • I was searching for a sight to find the correct pronunciation of the Hebrew word sarigim and I can accross your site. I love it. Todah raba for making learning Hebrew a little easier. Do you have plans to add any other prayers or parts thereof to your site?

      1. Name has been found by Nehemiah Gordon preserved in book of Ezekiel with full vowels, by a scribe who obviously disagreed with rabbinical alteration of the inspired word, which they corrupted through the maseritic text at the time of the rise of the NETZARIYM movement. Under rabbi Akiba, the religious zealots of the time altered the holy word, corrupting times and even laws, to HIDE the truth that our MOSHIACH was and is:
        “JESUS of NAZARETH”
        The prophesied:
        “BRANCH of JESSE”
        “Bondservant to Yehovah”, called also:
        Only Yehovah could Layer such deep revelation in the etymology of a single Hebrew root: NTZR
        the revelation hidden in plain sight for us to simply connect the dots together if we study the Hebrew. Just like Jehovah hiding the true name of God in plain sight visible by substitution of just one letter: replace modern J with the appropriate ancient YOD. All shall be revealed in these last days. AS IS THE IDENTITY OF MOSHIACH FOUND HIDDEN IN GODS OWN HOLY NAME:
        י = HAND
        ה= BEHOLD
        ו= NAIL
        ה= BEHOLD
        It’s right in front of your eyes all day long, until the rabbis replaced his tetragrammaton with “Ha’SHEM”
        They really have done quite a disservice to the Jew first, and then the nations. Quite a performance from a den of vipers. Tannaim.
        May Yehovah bless your eyes to see beyond what man has hidden from you.

      2. Thank you for your insight. There are several compelling possibility for the pronunciation of God’s Personal Name – יהוה. Nehemiah Gordon’s THEORY is just another theory that has several issues within it. For one, the Hebrew vowel system (niqqud), which his whole theory is based on, did not come into place until the early middle ages! So, there were no vowels in the original Book of Ezekiel, no vowels in the Dead Sea Scrolls, so no one can claim it was pronounced “Yehova” with any certainty. And the same goes for any other of the possibilities and theories out there… יה could be “yah” or “yeh”. הו could be “ho” or “hoo” and וה could be “vah”, “veh”, “wah” or “weh”. And when all combined, the possibilities are MANY. No one can know for sure which is the true, original pronunciation at this point. Watch my video on His Name here: . In either case, go with your heart and call His Name in whatever way makes sense to you 🙂 God bless you!

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